The way the contest is scored is on a point system.

1 Point = 100 Twitter, Instagram, Facebook followers (Music Page Only)

1 Point = 100 YouTube Views

1 Point = 100 Soundcloud plays

1 Point = 20 Downloads

3 points  = One Vote on Guaradio's web site for you.

To make it through the first round you will have to go through a live screening process on The Three Coast Show. If you get past this stage, then the rest is on you! You will be graded on: 

  • Scratching
  • Music blending
  • Timing
  • The ability to maintain pitch and beat counts
  • And the ability to please the crowd
  • Originality

The Final Vote will be at the venue where you will perform before a live audience. independent judges will vote and crowd participation could win you over if you where lacking in points. So get as many tickets as you can to your Fans! Prizes and Venue will be announced closer to the time of the event!